Books by Deborah Schaulis

A Clean Heart

What does it mean to be pure in this “hook-up” generation? If I’ve already lost my virginity, can I make a fresh start? As their lives intertwine, three students at Bethel College in Newton, Kansas face these issues head-on.

Sophomore Katherine Bennett learns that moral purity is more than doing and saying the right things or avoiding what’s wrong. As she surrenders her heart to God, He uses her to touch an agnostic teacher and a rebellious freshman.

Katherine’s non-Christian roommate, Paige Harrison, finds that an unguarded lifestyle can have painful consequences. Through a crisis pregnancy, she learns to forgive the past and finds true love.

Paige’s ex-boyfriend, football star Kevin Todd, wrestles with the guilt of a less-than-stellar moral record. Through Katherine’s friendship, he learns about the “clean slate” Christ offers those who trust in Him. Will he return to his first love, or find a way to Katherine’s heart?

Pressed But Not Crushed

Cassandra Peterson has lost so much already—her parents, grandparents, and her husband—now she faces the possible loss of the family farm, due to a terrible ice storm. Can an out-of-state arborist salvage the apple trees that have been in her family for decades? And what is it about this handsome stranger that so draws Cassie and her sons to him?