Bethlehem’s Star

There were many players
In the drama staged at Bethlehem:
Prophets, angels, priests and kings,
Even shepherds, sheep and doves;
Of course, we think of Mary,
An innkeeper and Joseph.
We remember in this world of pain,
One perfect act of love.

But the Star of Bethlehem
Debuted in a stable:
This glorious Gift from heav’n above,
Through whom God was able
To bring together—reunite,
Through the cross of Christ—
Fallen man and holy God,
To give us all new life.

There in a feeding trough,
The God-man lay—
The rising Star of Bethlehem
Was cradled on the hay!

What herdsman would’ve scripted
That he’d hear angels sing?
What scholar would’ve hung a star
To lead him to the King?
What priest, who offered sacrifice
To cover up men’s sins,
Would think the blood of Jesus Christ
Could make us pure again?

I love the Star of Bethlehem—
King David’s perfect Heir!
Born in lowly Israel
For people everywhere.
The mighty Prince of heaven
Became a helpless Child,
Who grew to die, so God and I
Can now be reconciled.

So I sing for joy
Of Bethlehem’s bright Star!
And I pray He’ll grace your Christmas,
No matter where you are.

© 2003 by Deborah Schaulis