About Deborah Schaulis


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! My name is Deborah Schaulis. I have been a “Christ-follower” for almost four decades and a serious student of Scripture for over half that time.

Although I do not have a piece of paper that says I’m a Bible expert—no doctorate of divinity, master’s degree, or even a bachelor degree in biblical studies—I have had some formal training in college, at mission school and in seminars. I have also had the privilege of sitting under the instruction of some wonderful Bible teachers, via radio, television, audio/video and written study guides and commentary—including Charles Swindoll, D. James Kennedy, Neil Anderson, Derek Prince, and Howard Hendricks (to name a few).

I am not ordained as an official ‘minister’ by any denomination; however, the Lord has given me the ability to read His word with understanding and explain it to others. Some have called me a prophet, a teacher and even a preacher. Whatever the particular gift may be, my burning desire is for everyone to know the Living Word of God—both in the Person of Jesus Christ and in the pages of recorded Scripture. One might say I’ve been hard-wired to “creatively communicate God’s truth for changed lives.”


I have had many writings published. For several years I did copy-editing for a pro-life magazine called The Facts of LIFE, Inc. and had articles and poems published there. I was on the editorial team of Youth With A Mission’s Focus magazine during my training at Twin Oaks Ranch in Garden Valley, Texas. Some of my short-stories and essays have been published in literary anthologies. More recently, I’ve had articles printed in Gospel Publishing House’s Pentecostal Evangel and Live! magazines. My novel, A Clean Heart, is available as an e-book through Amazon Kindle Direct at Amazon.

I also have a Twitter account, called “SweetTweets4Sts,” in which I post mini-devotionals over selected portions of scripture. Most of them are paraphrases of verses from the Bible, with an occasional exhortation or challenge to my readers. Feel free to follow me there, as well.

All God’s best, as you embark on this adventure!