Year: 2019

man in suit


Who of us over 40 years of age hasn’t seen the old television series, Mission Impossible, with its international spies and agents in disguise fighting for freedom and the American way? The younger generation grew up with Tom Cruise, as Ian Hunt, and his hand-picked crew of loyal agents fighting terrorists and other bad guys. …

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Now AND Later

During New Testament times, there were many people who had a naturalistic view of life that what went on in the body during one’s lifetime on earth was all there was for us to look forward to. In the context of dealing with the Saducees’ false doctrine that there was no afterlife, Jesus quoted Exodus …

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After reading a free excerpt from John Eckhardt’s book, Chayil: Release the Power of a Virtuous Woman, the Lord impressed upon my heart the following declaration. Try it on for yourself, too! “I am a virtuous woman. As the Hebrew word, chayil, in Proverbs 12:4 and 31:10 (as well as Ruth 3:11) suggests, I am …

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No More Scraps!

(First published by Gospel Publishing House in Live! magazine, an Assemblies of God adult Sunday school paper, April 7, 2019) “…how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” (Matthew 7:11 & Luke 11:13, NIV) A few years ago, the Lord revealed to me that I had something …

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