Introduction to Honey from the Rock

Firmly believing that God’s Word has power and was meant to be accessible to everyone, I have dedicated the last several years to prepare the material contained in this website. It is a labor of love—both for the Author of Scripture and for those He longs to enlighten through it. May these resources encourage as many people as possible to dig into God’s Word and allow it to transform their lives!

I challenge you to download one of the Bible reading schedules and study the scriptures daily for one year (or two). I guarantee it will change your life for the better! And may the other resources on this site assist you in understanding and applying what you read. To God be the glory!

Resources to facilitate your personal study of the Bible

Biblical commentaries

A chapter-by-commentary over each book of the Bible—Hopefully, it will call your attention to some things you might not otherwise have noticed, as well as help you to understand what you read.

Downloadable study helps

On the Downloads page, you will find links for charts, lists and other documents you can print out and use to enhance your personal study.

Downloadable Chronological & Topical Bible Reading Schedule [PDF]

If you follow the 1-Year Chronological & Topical Bible Reading Schedule, you will read the Bible through from Genesis to Revelation in one year. For those who need to read and digest the Scriptures more slowly, I have prepared a two-year version, as well. If you would like to mix it up with a daily reading from the Old Testament, followed by a passage from the new, I have recently added a 1-Year Chronological Old and New Testament Bible Reading Schedule. To extend this to two years, just read the Old Testament passage one day, and then the New Testament scripture the following day.

Helpful links

Whenever I find helpful Bible-related internet resources, I try to reference them in my commentary, so you can check them out, as well.

Informal blog

As the Lord gives me insights into the Scriptures or the Christian life, I’ll try to jot down a few notes about it.