Why is it we humans are so slow to listen, understand and believe—even when the evidence of God’s presence, power and authority are right in front of us? As I read the early history of Israel, over and over I’m thinking: Why didn’t they get it? With all that God did to prove Himself to them—performing extraordinary miracles and letting them see an unmistakable physical manifestation of His glory—they continued to doubt and do the stupidest things!

How many of us are like that? I know it took me years to get the message from my head to my heart that God truly loved me and had my best in mind. I always mistrusted Him in one way or another—even while saying I believed in Him and His word. And so many times I missed out on His blessings, because I insisted on doing things my way.

Even though we don’t have the advantage of having a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night to show us the way, believers today have something equally spectacular: We have the Spirit of the Living God living inside us and guiding us personally! Rather than relying on the verbal instructions of another person, we can go to God’s written word ourselves and find out what He has to say on any given subject.

I hope you have been reading along with me through God’s word and have found this website helpful. Feel free to post any suggestions you may have, if you know of something we can do to make it better. And don’t forget to tell your friends, so they can take part in this journey through the Bible, as well!


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