This past couple of months, we have been making our way through the Psalms. I am reminded again of how many of our best contemporary and classic worship songs have been inspired by the timeless truths contained within the Hebrew Hymnal.

What would it have been like to hear David, Asaph, “the sons of Korah” and other ancient psalmists debut these magnificent songs in their original language and with the musical instruments and melodies prescribed? Did those who came to the temple realize these words would be immortalized in a book that still survives centuries later? Could the original composers have imagined the modern renditions of their praises which we enjoy today?

Surely there is no book of the Bible so loved and cherished as the Psalms! Within its pages, you can find the honest questions of struggling saints, the war cries of victorious conquerors, the quiet contemplations of awe-struck worshipers and the desperate cries of those in trouble. There is comfort, encouragement, instruction, challenge and so much more within this book. I dare say that, no matter what you may be feeling, there is a psalm that will express your heart and deepen your love and appreciation for the object of our praise.

Hallelujah! May our God reign forever! May all peoples on the earth come to know and love Him! As you read my comments on each chapter and follow the links to music that has been inspired by the psalms, may you feel yourself drawn into sweet fellowship with our Creator, Redeemer and King.


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